Stair Climbing the Empire State Building

Here’s the short story — due to the very hard work of Alicia O’Neil from the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, on February 8 I get to be part of the Empire State Building stair climb, and I get to do it in firefighter turnout gear and wearing an air pack.

86 floors, 1576 steps.

The MMRF has made some unprecedented steps forward in cancer research — accomplishments that are truly inspiring.

So I hope that making the climb in turnout gear will inspire others to support them as well.

And it helps me fulfill a personal goal.  Three years ago I had to have emergency back surgery and was pretty sure my career as a firefighter was over.  But thanks to the efforts of the firefighters I work with, that story had a different ending. They put in an incredible amount of hard work to to get me back into shape both physically and mentally, while at the same time protecting me while I was recovering.

So along with supporting the MMRF, this climb is also dedicated to showing my friends in the department that all of their hard work paid off . . .

Of course, to show them that I have to make it to the top.  And I just heard from Alicia that the practice climb that she was working so hard on to set up won’t happen.  I know she’s disappointed, and I am too — let’s face it, after losing a battle with fudge addiction during the holiday season,  I needed that practice climb to see what I’m up against.

On the other hand, it sure is exciting not to know ahead of time how this is going to turn out . . .


If you want to help me raise money for the MMRF, here’s the link:

If you decide to donate, don’t forget to guess which floor I’ll make it to, how long that will take, and how long it will take for my one hour bottle to be completely empty (see the Innovative Fund Raising Post for details) . . .